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Casino bonuses. What are they and what are they for?

The first and most important thing to note is that slot machines with bonuses are only available at online casinos. None of the land-based — offline institutions — such, of course, not to be found. There encouraging the players have a very different nature and are rather aimed at improving the comfort of the customer in the casino, rather than to increase its bankroll. On the Internet, such measures are impossible by definition. Here let us omit important details, such as the quality of customer support, user-friendliness of the website and the casino, the abundance and fun of the games, the choice of payment methods and a number of other factors.

Competition is very high online, and there’s no other way to show your goodwill to the client than by cash bonuses, with rare exceptions, all other things being equal. In this situation, online casinos are just trying to entice the player, even at the expense of some decrease in their profitability by all kinds and forms of monetary compensation, rewards and incentives, showing him thereby their generosity.

So trying to understand what are the bonuses in the application to the world of gambling, it should be borne in mind that these are all measures to stimulate the activity of the players, they are expressed purely financially and they are very diverse.

Let’s say a registration bonus. You are given a bonus just for the fact that you go through the registration procedure in the casino (on the casino website or by downloading the software-client casino).

The concept of bonuses is somehow related to the topic of freebies. But they all have their conditions, which must be strictly and strictly adhere to, otherwise the ban is ensured. Currently, unconditional bonuses are almost non-existent. And if they appear, it is a very limited time, or issued only to very active depositing players.

«Get 100% on your deposit», «use a coupon with free spins in slots», «activate a no deposit bonus to play video slots or roulette», «try slot machines for an hour and get a real win». These are just a few of the many possible bonus offers that you can see on online casino sites or profile thematic resources.

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You don’t have to take bonuses at the casino. No one forcefully activates the coupons. Although you can often find that the support service of some institution is very persistent and tries all tricks to convince the customer to take advantage of this or that offer. Keep in mind that any bonus can be refused. But it must be done before it is used, that is, without having made a single bet. Otherwise it will be considered used and will not be deactivated.

To be clear on what you have to deal with, agreeing to the use of a bonus, it should be very well understood that ANY online casino bonuses are primarily casino efforts to force an increase in your playing time.

In what way and for what purpose? No bonus is essentially free. In one way or another, but each of the possible has conditions for use (so-called «T&C» — terms and conditions). On this point we will dwell in more detail below. Here we just mention that apart from the fact that the bonus itself increases your game bankroll — sort of a plus, it also imposes a number of obligations on the player, including forcing through mandatory betting requirements to spend a certain amount of time in the casino — something that is specified above. And that’s what it’s for? 🤔 So it’s to take the mathematical expectation of your game to the standard for the casino, that is «slightly negative».

Today, it is well known that over the long haul, the casino wins either way at the expense of a negative math expectation. Talking about luck in the form of jackpots falling out — these cases are isolated. Although you can read about them in news feeds almost every day.

Of course, the bonuses are wagering (all conditions are fulfilled) and are withdrawable everywhere and the winnings are very good, but still, they are an extra opportunity for the casino to decrease your chances of winning. 🤨

Therefore, before you play with any bonus, first study its terms and conditions of use so that you have a good idea that you are not deceived in your expectations.

Types of bonuses in online casinos

Below we simply present the classification of bonuses in online casinos. Read in detail about each of them in the knowledge base in the section on types of casino bonuses.

Types of bonuses:

No deposit casino bonuses
Free Spins Bonuses
Free Play Bonuses
Free Roll Bonuses
Casino deposit bonuses or match bonuses
High stakes bonuses
CashBack casino bonuses (CashBack)

Bonus groups:

👋 Welcome casino bonuses are like a general classification for all bonuses given out for registration. Otherwise, it can be referred to as casino sign-up bonuses.

✴ Bonuses casino VIP-gamblers — these are rewards for customers who have made a sufficiently large number of deposits in the casino. Expressed in higher values of comp points, frequent issuance of no deposit bonuses, lower amounts of the wager and other «goodies» for non-regular players.

📅 Monthly (weekly, daily) casino bonuses — absolutely any kind of bonuses, issued every month (week, day) — that is, on a regular and constant basis, but under certain conditions and most often more or less constant deposits. Absolutely individual for each individual casino.

🧿 Exclusive casino bonuses — purely «affiliate» bonuses, which can only be obtained at some specific affiliate sites. Just by going to the casino — without registering with an affiliate link — you can’t get such bonuses.

Restrictions when playing with bonuses on the Internet

While the wagering requirement or wager is usually the most important and significant restriction when playing with a bonus, casinos often practice some additional rules for bonus codes of a slightly different nature. Such as the maximum amount of funds to be withdrawn.

It may also be stipulated that the casino bonus amount itself may not be withdrawn — only the winnings on top and the deposit.

Or there may be a condition that you must raise your balance to some minimum amount, otherwise the withdrawal will not be available.

That is why we point out time and time again the fact that the conditions and requirements when playing with a particular casino bonus must be studied before using it.

Rate requirements

All casino bonuses, promotions and promotions, with VERY rare exceptions, have a set of certain rules and regulations. By very rare exception we mean that there are isolated cases, as with Tropezia casino, when it issued free spins and all the money received from these spins were immediately available for withdrawal.🏧

As opposed to what the rule is, when the winnings from the free spins still need to be put some number of times in the slot machines. Although here too, not without a fly in the ointment: these free spins could be obtained only by those who made a deposit on any day during the 10-day betting promotion for a minimum of 50 euros.

Players are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions in full, in the Betting Requirements section. It is the most important part in understanding online casino bonuses. Because it is a very acute dilemma: whether to give bonuses and fight with bonus abusers or not to give bonuses at all — it has to be balanced somehow. And in this regard, the clauses of the Terms and Conditions are becoming more and more numerous by the day. And casinos themselves are increasingly tough on compliance with the rules of the game with bonuses. And it even happens that someone catches a ban on absolutely nothing.

The wagering requirement (wager) determines how much the player must play with the bonus before he can withdraw the funds available on the balance.

In the case of deposit bonuses, this amount of bets is almost always specified in the form [D+B], that is, the amount of [deposit + bonus] multiplied by a multiplier specified in the conditions. For example, 20x, 38x, 50x. And it looks like this: [D+B]x20 = wager. This means that the entire initial balance (sum of bonus and deposit) must be placed 20 times. Although, for example, cashback casino bonuses, on the other hand, simply require that specified in the conditions of the deposit value is put a certain number of times: [D]x20 = wager.

Abuse of bonuses in online casinos

The problem of bonus-hunting in casinos in general, read a separate article in the knowledge base. Here we will point out that since the first free casino bonus and until today, such offers have undergone just an unreal number of changes, both in terms of quantity and frequency of their issuance, and in terms of all aspects of their receipt, that is, the rules and conditions for their use.

Bonus hanting began to rapidly gain momentum, and casinos, in turn, were losing money at an incredible rate. It was especially typical for the countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe — the homeland of bonus hanting is Denmark. Therefore, the conditions have tightened, the withdrawals were limited, the wagering in the end just became annil wagering — for example, 99x — is still manage to get away! And T&C — Terms and Conditions of Bonus Use — all puffed up. Started to use antifraud software, which on various aspects was designed to calculate abusive bonuses. These are both technical details — MAC-addresses, IP, hard drive serial numbers, heuristics, checking of documents, phone verification and so on and so forth. Therefore today technically unprepared and impatient new bonuseshunter simply has nothing to do in this field of gold mining.

How do I activate the bonus?

Bonuses at online casinos are activated either automatically or with a bonus code:
In the case of automatic activation, the player replenish the game account and the bonus is immediately credited to the gaming account.
When you activate with a promo code, you must, at the time of entry of funds in a special field to make a bonus code and save it. Then replenish the account and the bonus will be credited.
If you receive a promotional code from the casino to get the bonus, then in a private office, it is necessary to make a special field. Click «Activate» and the bonus will be credited to your account.

What if the bonus is not added to the game account?

Sometimes there are situations when a player has credited his account, but the bonus is not added. Happens as a rule, when the activation of the bonus occurs with a promo code.
In this situation, you should immediately contact online casino support and not bet! If you make even one bet, then because of the technical staff will not be able to credit your bonus.

Can I take multiple bonuses?

You should not do this. You can only have one active bonus at a time on one account. But you can take bonuses at any time, even several bonuses in a row. But it is necessary to remember that the abuse of bonuses is a violation of the rules of the casino.

Can I create multiple accounts and take bonuses?

This cannot be done. The online casino will cancel all the funds on the gaming accounts and block the accounts if a player has several accounts. And it may happen even if you have successfully used several gaming accounts for a while. To be fair, the players’ accounts start to be checked rather thoroughly only during the withdrawal request, and even more thoroughly when the client wins quite a large sum.

What is abuse of bonuses?

If a player uses several bonuses in a row without making deposits without a bonus, he can be accused of bonus abuse. In general, in online casinos there is such a concept as «ratio». This is the percentage ratio of received bonuses to deposits the player. If this ratio exceeds the value of 50%, the player is turned off bonuses, while the ratio is not reduced.

But, unfortunately, some casinos do not use quite an honest approach and use raffle ratio as an opportunity to cancel winnings. For example, quite frequent situations when a player makes a deposit at a casino using a bonus. Wins a rather large amount of money. After meeting the requirements for wagering, puts his winnings on the withdrawal. The casino cancels his winnings accusing the player of bonus abuse.

Where to find bonuses in online casinos?

You can always find current bonus offers on our website, Here you can see different types of bonuses, including no deposit bonuses. As well as the conditions of their provision. Moreover, in the same section, you can read reviews of real players who used a particular offer from the casino.