Casino Software


Casino software has become an element that speaks of the reliability of the gameplay, because the licensed one is a guarantee, which, above all, is provided by the manufacturer. But that’s not all. After all, some creators stood out with their products, which received a huge success, thanks to the colorful visualization, convenient gameplay, an interesting set of bonus rounds. In this section you can not only see the full list of companies that are engaged in the development of games for the gambling industry, but also to read reviews, find out what payout installed on a particular slot and even play popular games from the creator of a free download. There is also a button that allows you to go to the list of those online casinos with which the provider cooperates. And about the most popular operators, site visitors leave their reviews.


Developers of gaming software and casino gaming platforms

Currently, in addition to choosing an honest, decent institution in front of the player is the question of what developer’s products should be used. After all, the casino gaming platforms ensure the work of all known institutions. Probably, a beginner does not even think about who is the creator of the slot, roulette or poker table. Experienced players know many developers by sight and identify for themselves the most functional, quality, convenient and simply familiar to use. One way or another, for the beautiful background images, elegant music and animated characters are if not months, years of hard work.

The gaming industry has two sides of development — external and internal. The first — these are sites that offer us to cast away everyday hardships, forget about the problems and immerse yourself in the alluring world of gambling. The second side is the same fight for customers, but as they are the aforementioned sites, that is — the institutions themselves. Gambling clubs are reliable intermediaries who accept payments, but not the developers of casino game software. There are exceptions, when in addition to the basic work, that is, the distribution of applications, is engaged in the direct creation of software. But often — it is a separate corporation with more than one staff of professionals.

Types of developers. The partner side of development

Most companies are independent developers. This means that they started out on their own, perhaps as a startup or an investment project. There are many well-known examples that have already proven their professionalism and established themselves in the market as world leaders. Of course, the most reputable ones are the first-born. They began either with the production of slot machines in the middle of the last century, or they were picked up by the wave of online gambling in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.

The prime examples are the all-known Netent, Novomatic, Ash Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, iSoftBet and others. Some developers began their activities with the creation of products, and eventually outgrew in casinos or open separate sites, where users can play games only from this online casino software supplier. For example, separately sharpened establishments for Microgaming or Playson — these two companies are in great demand.

As for the type of software produced, not all companies cover all topics. Some specialize in slots, others in table games, others in bingo, security, cross-platform solutions, back offices, land-based equipment, and live casinos. That is, such firms cover the B2B sphere more than B2C. Particular attention is paid to the mobile contingent, adaptation to devices, known operating systems.

Technological capabilities of developers

Although each company has different names, the goal is the same — to provide quality content to the end consumer. That is why the best specialists are involved in the development process. By the way, many of them come from related organizations and, as founders, heads of departments, effectively distribute tasks to the staff. The goal is to release a quality casino game software, which meets the requirements of customers.

Every year, newer and newer technologies are applied. This applies to the graphic, sound and technical side of each individual product. For example, if before the players were satisfied with two-dimensional flickering fruit, but now — it is 3D graphics with colorful rendering, animation, presence effects, interactive tasks, bonuses, which are curious to get and spend for the big prize. In general, pressing the button was not only fun, but also much more interesting. Involved additional features, but the main principle of spinning the reels until the moment when the symbols are lined up in a winning combination, remained.

Absolutely all manufacturers of casinos spend a lot of resources to ensure the safety of customers. They use different methods and types of encryption. The most reliable are MD5 and 128-bit SSL. Through these channels, all personal data of casino users goes directly to the server without interference from third parties. Of course, developers undergo the necessary checks from licensees who also audit applications. The companies are mostly registered in Malta or the Isle of Man — the most famous houses for gambling enterprises. This is also evidenced by the documentation, which you can request on the official website of the supplier or check the legality of the papers in the appropriate section.

Individual companies produce entire casino management platforms. These are downloadable programs that the user can download on a PC, a Flash version, or a modern version of HTML designed for browsers and mobile devices. Many of these solutions support the integration of casino game software from other developers, implement all available payment methods, a large number of languages, and easy-to-manage personal accounts. Progressive jackpots deployed on multiplatforms and multiplayer games are also in demand. The speed of the software in such conditions is very different, but it all depends on the needs of customers and the quality of the company’s specialists. Also, updates, new games, current offers are delivered to customers on a regular basis.

In general, online casino software is an important aspect that should be considered when choosing an establishment. In this section, we have gathered for you detailed information on each of the manufacturers. You can not only learn about the company in detail, but also easily find the list of casinos that use the software of this vendor, go to the site and evaluate the quality of the games at first hand.

What is a casino platform?

Software allowing to provide access to casino games, deposit and withdraw winnings, as well as containing management functionality. In simple words, online casino platform is a special software with which online casino is created. Developer provides its games, and programmers integrate these games into the platform (with all the gameplay is conducted on the server game developer). Added to this is the ability to make a different site design, add a live chat support and the ability to accrue bonuses, etc.

Who develops online casino platforms?

Specialized companies are engaged in the development of platforms for online casinos. Also, some developers of slot machines create their own platforms, for example, a popular manufacturer of video slots for online casinos Netent also developed a platform for online casinos.
The most famous online casino platforms:

NYX GamingGroup.
As well as a number of others.

What is WhiteLabel?

This is a complete solution for companies or individuals wishing to open an online casino. In addition to the platform itself for the future casino in this case is provided:
A valid gambling license;
Games from almost any manufacturer;
Payment systems;
Online player support;
Security casino site;
Site development.
By agreement of the parties may be added to this other services. For example, financial antifraud.

Which casino platform is better?

From the player’s point of view — there is almost no difference on what platform to play slots. This question is more interesting to the owner of the future casino. Platforms differ in their functionality, cost and performance. Although some players have noted that some platforms of online casinos do not work correctly, for example, quite often «fly out» slots on a solution from the company Tain.

Which platform has a better slot payoff?

This is a completely incorrect question. We have repeatedly written that «slot payoff» does not depend on the chosen casino, nor on the casino platform, and also there is no connection with the phases of the moon.

What settings can the casino owner change on a particular platform?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to separate the concepts of licensed online casino and unlicensed online casino.
In the licensed institution owner can:

accrue free spins in slots;
View statistics on the parameter RTP (what percentage at a given time at a particular slot);
View the history of bets player;
Credit bonus funds to the game account;
To count the total sum of bids of the player (for example, for calculation of points on the loyalty program).
In fact, this is the entire functionality available to the owner of the casino. No changes in the settings of the slot machine he can not do — the manufacturer of the game does not give that possibility.

In unlicensed institution, the owner may:

Change the parameter RTP (payout percentage) at will;
Adjust when there will be a bonus game in the slot, and what it will win;
Credit freespins and bonus funds to the player’s account;
View the statistics for each player and set his percentage return on the casino site games.
That is, the owner, who created the casino on an unlicensed platform (using non-original games), can do anything he wants.

What is the difference between the software, games from different manufacturers?

There are many differences, as, in fact, and similarities. But if we highlight the main aspects:

Game mechanics: the number of lines, bonus game options.
Graphics: the detail of images of symbols from each manufacturer is different. For some, this is the main parameter, which is given great attention, while others focus more on the mechanics of the game.
Payout Ratios: The difference is in the amount of winnings credited to the player’s balance when a particular combination of symbols occurs.
Volatility, variance, RTP: it is hard to find games with identical indicators, almost impossible.
There are a lot of other commercial details, but for the average player they are of little importance.

What is licensed casino software?

This definition refers to online casino games (video slots, table games), which are guaranteed against third-party intervention. That is, the whole gameplay (the results of the game round) takes place on developer servers and the administration of the casino does not have access for any adjustments whatsoever.

Which software has a better payoff?

You cannot divide software producers by «worse» or «better» performance. Because such a definition in principle does not exist. Each developer produces games with a certain parameter RTP (theoretical payoff percentage), which you can see in the characteristics of the slot.