Coils of Cash

Coils of Cash — Play’n GO

New from the manufacturer Play’n GO!

General information.

The slot has non-standard reels, 2304 paylines, and the maximum payout per spin can reach x30000 of the bet!

Functions and mode of the main game.

  1. The structure of the drums.

The slot has main reels 6 × 3, as well as 4 additional slots above reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

These additional cells have a multiplier.

2. Winning combinations.

All symbols, regardless of value, are played from 3 pieces.

3. Stacks of symbols.

Symbols can appear in stacks, occupying the entire reel.

4. Wild symbol.

Substitutes for any symbols other than Scatter symbols and has no value of its own.

Wild can only be dropped in additional cells

Coils of Cash

  1. Accumulation of a multiplier.

The multiplier is accumulated only in additional cells.

The maximum multiplier for each cell is x5.

Multipliers are accumulated if the main reel hits a winning combination.

The multiplier is applied only if the winning combination affects an additional cell.

If a winning combination affects several cells, their multipliers are multiplied among themselves.

The maximum possible multiplier of all additional cells is x625 (5x5x5x5)

bonus function

Bonus game mode.

  1. Launch.

The bonus game starts when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear.

2. The number of free spins.

The number of free spins depends on the number of scatter symbols dropped:

— 3 Scatter symbols = 10 free spins.

— 4 Scatter symbols = 15 free spins.

— 5 Scatter symbols = 20 free spins.

— 6 Scatter symbols = 25 free spins.

3. Multiplier.

If additional cells had a multiplier at the time of the bonus game, the multipliers are transferred to this mode.

All received multipliers of additional cells remain until the end of the bonus game

Free spins

  1. Additional free spins.

Each scatter drawn will award 2 additional free spins


Technical information.

Paylines: 2304

Maximum payout per spin: x30000 — manufacturer’s limit

Release date: 07/01/2021


Play’n GO decided to start the new gaming year with the release of the slot, which holds the record for the maximum payout per spin from this manufacturer — up to x30000 from the bet!

The slot provides a solution for multiplying additional cells, with a maximum winning combination multiplier up to x625.

Where to play.

You can play for free and without registering in the «Deadwood» slot by clicking on this link:

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