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  1. What is an online casino?

An online casino is a resource that allows you to play online gambling through a browser or downloadable program. There are a lot of game options: roulette, blackjack, various table games, lotteries, keno and, of course, the most popular slots.

Can you play for real money?

In most online casinos, you can play with both real money and “conditional” money. After making a deposit, you can immediately start playing for real money in any slot you like.

If you are a fan of checking the casino first in the game for «candy wrappers», please note that the RNG (random number generator) for conditional money may differ from the RNG for real money in favor of candy wrappers — that is, you will win a lot when playing on conditions. which can mislead you and make you believe in the ease of winning.

Can you win at an online casino? Is the game fair?

You can really win big money in an online casino, but every player knows that at a distance (over a long period of time playing in a casino), no matter how much you win (of course, if it’s not a seven-figure jackpot), you will still find yourself in minus.

In licensed casinos, the game is fair and the winnings are completely random, so you shouldn’t believe in various “winning strategies” and “schemes” — they simply do not exist.


How do online slots work in casinos?

When you play slots at most online casinos, the game takes place directly on the server of the software provider. The most popular ones today are: BigTime Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Nolimit, Novomatic and others. Thus, the players are guaranteed a predetermined percentage of return on the money invested in each specific slot, and the casino cannot influence the win or loss in any way.

I would also like to highlight slots with a progressive jackpot, which can vary from several tens of thousands to seven-figure sums and more. In such slots, the pool of players is “common” and the jackpot is a part of all the money played by players from all casinos in each particular slot.

What is RTP in slots?

RTP is the percentage of return on the money invested in the slot in the form of winnings. That is, if the slot has RTP = 95%, then over a long distance, for every $ 1 deposited, it must give back 0.95 cents in the form of winnings.

What slots are better to play?

There is no clear definition or designation of the slots to be played — everything is up to your taste and color. However, it is worth highlighting the low variance slots and the high variance slots.

In slots with low variance, you can win more often, but mostly these will be small amounts (up to x400), in slots with high variance, you can win very large amounts, but the game will be extremely dangerous and you need to have a large stock of bets (from 100 and more) as it will most likely eat your money over a short distance.

How to choose an online casino?

Before choosing one or another casino, you need to make sure of the following points:

— The casino has a good reputation and there are no withdrawal problems or other black spots on its reputation;

— The casino has a license. An additional plus will be the presence of a physical office address;

— The country from which you will be playing is included in the list of allowed countries to play in this online casino;

— There are bonuses for players from your country;

— First deposit bonus;

— Whether the payment systems you need are supported for making a deposit and withdrawing funds.

Additional criteria for choosing a casino.

An additional plus when choosing a casino can be the following points:

— Time of withdrawing funds (how quickly and on what days);

— Minimum and maximum deposit;

— The game currency that suits you;

— Additional bonuses, cashback, loyalty program;

— Working hours of the support service.

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Online casino bonuses

Casino bonuses allow the player to receive additional money for playing or free spins (free rounds in specific slots).

Types of bonuses

There are several types of bonuses, they are divided into deposit and no deposit, as well as cashback.

You will only receive a deposit bonus (extra money or free spins) when you deposit a certain amount. As a rule, the biggest bonus is given on the first deposit.

No deposit bonuses are provided by the casino for registration, or simply for playing on their website at the discretion of the manager.

Tip: after big losses, do not hesitate to ask the support service for no deposit compensation in the form of money or free spins.

Cashback is a return to your account of a certain percentage of lost money for a specific period. For example, in the last week you have placed bets totaling $ 500. If your cashback is 5%, you will be credited $ 25 during the cashback payout period.

How to choose the right bonus?

Before you take this or that bonus, carefully read its terms and conditions. How much is his wager (bonus amount x number = the amount you need to play to “wash” the bonus), the maximum withdrawable bonus amount, the maximum allowable bet and whether there are slots in which this bonus cannot be wagered.

What is a wager?

A wager is a multiplier representing the number of times you must wager the bonus amount before you can withdraw any winnings. The average is 30-40, and the higher it is, the more difficult it is to clear the bonus. That is, the lower the wager, the better for you.

Account verification

Why do you need verification?

To be able to withdraw money from your gaming account, you must go through the standard procedure — account verification. This is done for a variety of reasons — for example, so that minors cannot play or the same person does not create multiple accounts.

What documents are needed to verify an account?

A standard set of documents for verification in an online casino includes:

— Scan / photo of the passport (first page and registration);

— Photo of the card from which the deposit was made or the scanned account of the payment system;

— Account or bank statement in your name

What problems can there be with the casino?

Delayed payments

In any, even a top casino, sometimes there may be delays in payments. If your account is verified and confirmed, and you have not violated any rules, then the payment should not take longer than a few days.

In many casinos, they deliberately pull large amounts of payouts so that you lose them. Try not to play at the online casino while waiting for the cashout.

Account blocking

Blocking an account in an online casino can be only if you violate the rules of the casino or at your own will.

The most common violations:

— Multi-account. The situation when the same person is registered several times;

— False personal information. Account to another name or address;

— Bonus abuse. Wagering a bonus bypassing casino rules.


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