Fire In The Hole xBomb

Fire In The Hole xBomb — Nolimit City

New from the manufacturer Nolimit City!

General information.

The slot has from 6 × 4 to 6 × 6 reels, from 64 to 46656 paylines, a bonus game purchase mode, and the maximum payout per spin can reach x60000 of the bet!

Functions and mode of the main game.

1. The structure of the reels and play lines.

Despite the fact that the initial playing field has dimensions of 6 × 3, some cells may appear without any symbol.
Therefore, the initial number of lines can be 64 instead of 729.

2. Winning combinations.

All symbols, regardless of value, are played from 3 pieces.

3. Expansion of the drums.

The reel can expand to 6×6 and have up to 46656 paylines.

Reels can be expanded in three ways:

— when a winning combination occurs.
— when the Wild symbol explodes.
— when activating the Wild Mining function.

4. Stacks of symbols.

Symbols can fall out in stacks, while occupying part of the reel.

5. Wild symbol.

Substitutes for any symbols other than Bonus symbols and has no value of its own.

Regardless of whether Wild participates in a winning combination, it explodes, destroying adjacent symbols, as well as increasing the spin multiplier by 1 point

6. Wild Mining function.

This function is triggered if 3, 4 or 5 of any symbols are placed horizontally, but do not form a winning combination.

Such symbols turn into Wilds:

— 3 symbols = 1 Wild.
— 4 symbols = 2 Wild.
— 5 symbols = 3 Wild

bonus function








Bonus game mode.

1. Purchase.

If the player does not want to wait, then he can buy a bonus game at any time by clicking the corresponding button on the left side of the slot.

There are 3 options for purchase:

— a bonus game for x60 of the bet, which is equal to 3 Bonus symbols.
— a bonus game for x157 of the bet, which is equal to 4 Bonus symbols.
— bonus game for x500 of the bet, which is equal to 5 Bonus symbols

bonus buy








2. Normal startup.

In normal mode, the bonus game starts when 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols appear.

3. The number of free spins.

The number of free spins does not depend on the number of Bonus symbols.

At the very beginning, the player is given 3 free spins.
Each successful spin returns the free spins to their original value.

4. Starting positions.

The number of initial open positions depends on the number of the dropped Bonus symbols:

— 3 Bonus symbols = 2 initial rows.
— 4 Bonus symbols = 3 initial rows.
— 5 Bonus symbols = 4 initial rows.

5. Functions of the bonus game.

The bonus game provides the following functions:

a. Coin.
Bet multiplier from x1 to x100.

b. Factor.
Multiplies all coins on the reels.

c. Dynamite.
Opens blocked positions, if there are any on the playing field, or awards functions:
— multiplies the denomination of coins by the amount of dynamite.
— adds the amount of dynamite to occupied positions
— activates the chests that are at the bottom of the playing field.

d. Bag.
Collects all values ​​on the given reel.

e. Box.
Collects all values ​​on the reel and clears all occupied positions, except for the Dwarf.

f. Dwarf.
Collects all values ​​on the reel every spin, even if new symbols do not appear

coins slot








6. Collecting chests.

Dynamites can also activate chests located at the bottom of the slot =, that is, representing an additional 7th row.

When the chests are activated, all denominations will be collected on the drum under which the chest was activated.

Technical information.

Paylines: 64 to 46656

Maximum payout per spin: x60000 — manufacturer’s limit

Bonus game cost:
— x60 of the bet, which is equal to 3 Bonus symbols
— x157 of the bet, which is equal to 4 Bonus symbols
— x500 of the bet, which is equal to 5 Bonus symbols

Release date: 02/03/2021


Of course, players will immediately notice that this slot is Money Train 2 by Nolimit City.

However, Fire In The Hole xBomb is not a complete copy.
This slot has its own reel structure, including the number of lines, and the bonus game has several of its own unique functions.

Traditionally, the manufacturer offers the player a bonus game purchase mode in three variants, and the maximum payout per spin exceeds the payout of its predecessor from Rekax Gaming, and is equal to x60000 of the bet!

Where to play.

You can play for free in demo mode and without registering in the «Fire In The Hole xBomb» slot by clicking on the link:

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