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Frost Queen Jackpots — Yggdrasil Gaming

New from Yggdrasil Gaming!

General information.

The slot has 5 × 3 reels, 20 paylines, 2 bonus game modes, and 5 types of JackPot!

Functions and mode of the main game.

1. Free keys.

At the very beginning, the player is awarded 6 free keys needed to win the JackPot.

2. Winning combinations.

All symbols, regardless of value, are played from 3 pieces.

3. Collection of keys.

At the bottom of the slot there is a scale with keys that correspond to a specific JackPot

Bonus game mode.

1. Bonus Game Choice.

a. Launch.

Bonus Game Selection is triggered when 2 Scatter symbols appear on the reels.

b. Chests.

The player is given a choice of 1 of 5 chests.

Possible prizes:

— cash prize in the amount of x1-x4 of the bet.
— collection of 1 key.
— bonus game.
— free spins


2. Bonus game.

a. Launch.

The bonus game is started when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear, and then the Bonus selection, or when the Bonus is selected in the Selection game.

b. Additional payments.

Scatter symbols also award an additional payout:

— 4 Scatter symbols = x50 of the bet.
— 5 Scatter symbols = x500 of the bet.

c. Halls and prizes.

The player needs to choose one of three chests.

If there is no collapse, the player goes to the next hall.

Chest prizes:

— from x5 to x100 of the bet.
— collecting 1 key

slot game

3. Free spins.

a. Launch.

Free spins can be obtained in three ways:

— when 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appear on the reels, and then Free Spins.
Scatter symbols also award an additional payout:
4 Scatter symbols = x50 of the bet.
5 Scatter symbols = x500 of the bet.

— when choosing Free Spins in the Choice game.

— when collecting 5 keys on any drum.
The player will also have 1 gem added to the reel where 5 keys were collected.

b. Factor.

During free spins, all wins are multiplied by 3.

c. JackPot.

Each reel has a JackPot, the amount of which is indicated at the top of the slot.
Every time a gem falls on the reel, it is added to the collection.
If a collection of five stones is collected on any reel, the player wins the JackPot of this reel


Technical information.

Paylines: 20

Maximum payout per spin: JackPot of the fifth reel

Release date: from 01/2021 — all casinos


Frost Queen Jackpots — A new slot with the mechanics of collecting keys already known to players, and then precious stones, with which you can win 5 types of JackPot!

Frost Queen Jackpots also features a mini bonus game, a full bonus game and free spins.

Where to play.

You can play for free in demo mode without registering for the «Frost Queen Jackpots» slot by clicking on this link:

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