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Good luck — you know this

Is there any luck in life or are you a complete failure and is this fate? How often have you asked yourself this question? Where do the lucky ones and the darlings of Fortune come from? Is it possible to somehow influence this and what is behind it? Do you believe in yourself? Why is your friend better than you and he is always lucky, but not to you, who tried to do something a million times, but in the end got zero. Probably, every person asked himself these questions.

Neighbor, drives a red Ferrari, he won it in poker, and you buy another lot of lottery tickets and nothing….

Millions of people believe that anyone is lucky, but not you — one of this million. You are afraid of the unknown and the possibility of losing something in an attempt to change your life or introduce a little risk into it. And who said you would lose? Entering a restaurant, you look for an empty table, but you only look at empty seats. At the same time, the other person sees the big picture and instead of an empty table he can meet 2-3 best friends in his life or, at worst, a companion, in the end $ 100 on the floor. And you will only find an empty table! And which of you is more fortunate after that? You will decide.

You always look forward to meeting good luck, and in return you see only her ass. Your measured and monotonous life suits you perfectly, but your neighbor’s Ferrari haunts, especially since he got it easily. We are all accustomed to associating our luck, as a rule, with playing in the casino and betting on the sweepstakes. This is the fastest and most effective way to test yourself. And here the most interesting thing begins — the search for luck turns into work, a way of life and the expectation of a miracle. Your game ceases to be intrigue, turning into everyday work. Everything is lost — are you a loser? And look around, where is it written that you are?

In life, money loves those who can take risks. I do not urge to play and do nonsense. My advice to look at life with different eyes, as never looked at it. Yes, you can send me to the ass and go to watch TV with beer, and on TV oh, how many beautiful Ferraris and heifers! Just do not risk the necessary, for the sake of unnecessary.

Didn’t have time or didn’t want to

Human life is short. Let’s put aside the first 15 years on dreams, temptations and other winds (roller skates, bike, phone). Further, many begin their childhood and adolescence, which may not end until death. The standard majority formula is: college — good job — home — family — old age. And the funny thing is, and then there is nothing to remember. And there is more and more such «absolutely» in old age. Man is a brute who gets used to it and he likes to live in the past, the future, but not the present. And here two questions arise: what to do and who is to blame?

There is another category of people — we are! Players! They are adventure seekers and pearl divers. We know and find a way out of any situation. We are never bored, and our life is far from monotonous. The range of life, behavior, way of thinking and decision making is not much less than that of an Intel processor. Have you ever walked a tightrope? Not? We run there, and sometimes we even sleep. The player did not have time for something, regretted something or doubted? Ruled out. There is always a way out and a solution — this is an axiom. Money is a spray. You lost $ 10,000 — I beg you, you have not seen grief. And if you won? Is it money?

Everyone likes to watch, read about the life of a player, but for some reason everyone is afraid to take risks. Only criticism, sarcasm, envy, often hatred and anger. People, I will disappoint you. You have to be born as a player. A deaf person will be able to saw on the violin, but NEVER play. So any gambler will be able to drain the loot, but who said that he was playing?

Do not rush to dive into this pool, and even choose the tower «Look how I can!» All this is beautiful from TV screens. You do not even know what will ruin you. No, not slots, not cards or roulette. Greed, in its most striking manifestation, will destroy you. And again you will not have time to do anything, except how to gather up problems. You were not greedy to click on “START” at a rate of $ 100, but where did the generosity go to throw everything and donate this $ 1000 to the casino today? I can’t, I don’t want to, and I won’t. Grind your teeth tomorrow and give $ 10,000.

And here again to the word «catch». Have time to spend, give or buy yourself something that was impossible yesterday. Fortune always gives a chance to have time to do everything on time! Always! Why ignore?

Yesterday you dreamed of a bicycle, but today Bentley is not enough. Of course, the casino is to blame for everything!

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