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RTP (return to player), literally — «return of money to the player.» The software manufacturer indicates the return of the slot machine in the range from 92 to 97%.

To an inexperienced player, it seems that the higher the recoil, the better. And it would seem that a slot with a 98% return should be at least very generous and give money back. This is not how things actually work. Even the difference between 92 and 98% of the recoil is cosmic remoteness.

Let’s take a slot with a return of 95% as an example. Where does the remaining 5% go? This is our payment for the game, for each spin made, we lose this percentage in favor of the house. Example: a bet of $ 1, 5 cents from each spin go to the casino, after making 200 spins we will lose the entire amount. If we make 10 spins of $ 10 each, and we are not lucky, we will lose all the money, and the casino will earn $ 5 of them, the rest goes to the pool for players, that is, for payments.

The casino will never be at a loss, it will always take its interest. So the idea is simple, the more the player plays in time, the more surely he destroys the pool of money. It seems to me that the casino is beneficial for the player to play longer and at a small rate, like online poker. It looks like a rake. Rake is the commission charged by the casino or poker club from each pot played.

Imagine a pool of money has accumulated, and it needs to be handed out to everyone a little bit, but one high roller comes and takes the entire bank at a rate of $ 200. The rest of the players lose and re-accumulate the bank, and along the way they yell — fuck your mother, where is the return in 98%?

Generally, the big gamblers on a special account in the casino are profitable, they value them. And here the fact of the casino turnover plays. The more people and the turnover of money, the less such a $ 200 major does harm to the environment when it takes the entire pool, and if he is a complete player, then on the contrary, he makes a good return for other players in the casino. Therefore, I am not a supporter of playing in recently opened casinos, this also includes poorly promoted ones.

All my big wins, as well as most of the players I know, support the theory that little things can never be won normally. Only when playing at higher stakes, slots are given away.

A few words about the bullet and my game. Lost $ 45,000, with the last $ 3,000 gave a bonus of exactly $ 45,000. Then, in another casino, I spent $ 30k in the evening, two bonuses returned my deposits in the amount of exactly $ 30k. Moreover, you make 10 deposits, and on the last one you win and receive the sum of all the money deposited for the last day. Why? And this is not a coincidence, the software keeps you within the limits of your deposits, compensating for the costs of 5% per spin from the general money pool.

Why are there no winnings?

The principle of the casino pool is like blaming the fluff: in order to sell something, you need to buy something. The casino does not distribute out of pocket, the players create the bank. And what does the percentage of return of slot machines have to do with it?

I noticed that many players spat at that percentage. Imagine, they go to play the most «giving» slot, but he does not. Miracles) the casino owner posted screenshots from the casino admin panel. There the RTP was in fact 30 percent and 150 percent.

Dispersion is a deviation from the mathematical expectation. The manufacturer does not indicate the variance of the slot, only the RTP percentages, which in fact do not say anything. Two completely different slots with the same percentage of return will play differently: one with low variance, the other with high variance. Only the player does not know about it and is not written anywhere. And it is also silent at what distance the percentage of return will be observed. Maybe on 100,000 spins, and more likely on millions) The software developer keeps this a secret, but figures are known that the rtp is observed on several billion spins made by all players.

The main idea is that we do not look at the percentage of return of the slot machine, it does not mean anything and does not give any advantages when playing. Each slot has its own character, its own impact, which will be observed for the reasons written above, rather than the rtp numbers. And the variance can be found out indirectly by looking at the slot payline table. The more pay for the max line or combination, the higher the variance, which means there will be rare matches in the game, a lot of blank, empty spins.

In fact, everything is simple and clear here, after getting used to it, you can intuitively determine the properties of the slot. The dispersion is small, low, medium, high, very high. Accordingly, the very model of the behavior of the slot will be different. But in any case, all this mathematics does not work when there is simply nothing to pay with) So in the first place is the choice of a normal institution with a turnover, and then a slot for the mood and your budget.

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