Rome: The Golden Age

Rome: The Golden Age — NetEnt

New from NetEnt!

General information.

The slot has 20 paylines, and the maximum payout for a spin can reach x100,000 of the bet!

Functions and mode of the main game.

  1. The structure of the drums.

The drums have a custom 3x4x5x4x3 structure.

2. Winning combinations.

All symbols, with the exception of Wild, are played from 3 pieces.

3. Stacks of symbols.

Symbols can fall out in stacks, while occupying part of the reel.

Wild symbols can be guaranteed to drop out in stacks upon activation of a special function.

4. Wild symbol.

It replaces any symbols except Scatter symbols, has its own value and is a top symbol.

Five Wild symbols are awarded on the active line x500 of the bet, but Wild plays independently in case of 5 symbols

Rome: The Golden Age

  1. Symbol of the Golden Age.

Such a symbol, when dropped, leaves behind a special frame.

Symbol of the Golden Age

  1. Rome symbol.

If the Golden Age turns into a Rome symbol, then such a frame is activated.

On the next spin, such an active frame turns into a Wild symbol, and also turns all adjacent frames into Wilds.

In this mode, you can get all the reels occupied by Wild symbols.

Those frames that have not been played remain on the reels until they become Wild symbols or play in the bonus game.

7. Collecting symbols of the Golden Age.

Each Golden Age symbol accumulates in a scale located at the top of the slot.

In case the Golden Age symbol fell in the frame, then it can increase the number of added symbols up to 4 pieces.

  1. Multipliers.

To get each multiplier, you need to collect 200 Golden Age symbols.

The game provides the following multipliers:





















Bonus game mode.

  1. Launch.

The bonus game starts when 2, 3 and 4 Scatter symbols appear on the reels.

2. The number of free spins.

The number of initial free spins is 3.

3. Bonus game.

The bonus game is a collection of Coins, each of which has a denomination from x0.5 to x50 of the bet.

All frames that were present on the playing field during the launch of the free spins will also award Coins

Bonus game mode

  1. Multiplier.

At the very end of the bonus game, all the dropped Coins are added up, and then the multiplier that was active when the bonus game was started is applied to them.

After the end of the bonus game, the multiplier is reset to its initial value, but the excess accumulated Golden Age symbols remain


  1. Additional free spins.

Each successful spin returns the initial number of free spins to its original state.

Technical information.

Paylines: 20

Maximum payout per spin: x100,000 — manufacturer’s limit

Release date: 09/02/2021


Another novelty from NetEnt, capable of multiplying the bet up to x100,000!

In fact, this slot is the opposite slot: here you need to avoid catching the bonus game for as long as possible, and maybe you will be lucky to accumulate the maximum bonus game multiplier of x1000!

Where to play.

You can play for free and without registering in the «Deadwood» slot by clicking on this link:

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