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General information.

The slot has from 5 × 3 to 5 × 7 reels, from 486 to 33614 paylines, a bonus game purchase mode, and the maximum payout per spin can reach x32000 of the bet!

Functions and mode of the main game.

1. The structure of the drums.

The reels can contain a different number of cells — from 3 to 7. This leads to a change in the number of lines.

The minimum possible number of lines is 486 (with 5 × 3 reels), and the maximum is 33614 (with 5 × 7 reels).

In the main game mode, the reels can only grow up to a size of 5×5.

2. Winning combinations.

All symbols, regardless of value, are played from 3 pieces.

Winnings are paid out both from left to right and from right to left.

3. The number of pay lines.

Due to the fact that the slot is double-sided, the number of pay lines doubles.

For example: 5 × 3 reels have 243 paylines, but taking into account the two-sided payout, the number of paylines increases to 483, and so on.

In the main game mode, the maximum number of lines is 6250.

4. Destruction of winning combinations.

Each winning combination is destroyed and new symbols appear in its place.

5. Stacks of symbols.

Symbols can appear in stacks, occupying a part of the reel.

6. Multiplier.

If the player was able to reveal all the reels up to the maximum size of 5 × 5, he is awarded a multiplier x2

bous function

Bonus game mode.

1. Purchase.

If the player does not want to wait, then he can buy a bonus game at any time by pressing the corresponding button in the slot menu.

The cost of the bonus game is always x100 of the bet.
For example: a $ 1 bonus game will cost $ 100, and so on


2. Risk game.

At the very beginning, the player will be asked to pick up 7 free spins or try to increase their number.

In case of choosing a risk, the player receives a special wheel, with the help of which he can get 4 additional free spins.
In case of loss, the bonus game expires.

The odds of winning / losing are 50/50.

You can run the risk game only 2 times

3. Normal startup.

In normal mode, the bonus game starts when 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appear.

4. The number of free spins.

The number of free spins depends on the number of dropped Scatter symbols:

— 3 Bonus symbols = 7 free spins, which equals the default purchase of the bonus.
— 4 Bonus symbols = 11 Free Spins, which equals buying a bonus with one effective risk.
— 5 Bonus symbols = 15 free spins, which is equal to buying a bonus with two resultant risks.

5. The playing field.

In the bonus game mode, the playing field starts with a random size and can grow up to 5 × 7.

6. Multiplier.

Each winning combination increases the multiplier by 1 point


7. Additional free spins.

If the player was able to unlock the playing field up to the maximum size, he will be awarded additional free spins — 2, 3 or 4.

Technical information.

Paylines: 486 to 33614

Maximum payout per spin: x32000 — manufacturer’s limit

Bonus game cost: x100 of the bet

Release date: 22/02/2021


TikiPop slot from Yggdrasil Gaming with a decent maximum payout per spin — up to x32000 of the stake!

This version lacks the Wheel, but adds a progressive spin multiplier.

The bonus game in TikiPop is launched in the classic way — using the Scatter symbols.

Where to play.

You can play for free in demo mode without registering for the «TikiPop» slot by clicking on this link: https://youbonus.ru

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